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Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme

The optimisation programme is focussed on delivering genuine return-on-investment for your business through the planning and implementation of an on-going testing and optimisation strategy.

Our approach is based on a robust methodology and data driven programme of research and testing to increase the value of your business allowing you to move towards a data driven and voice of customer focussed online retailing operation.

Our approach to projects is one of collaboration, where your existing in-house expertise, knowledge and business understanding is combined with expertise the PRWD team have gained through working with a wide range of businesses in on-going user understanding and testing environments.

In addition to delivering actual commercial improvement, a primary objective of the programme is to enhance the skills, experiences and competencies of your in-house team. This will be achieved by spending time working in-house along with providing a completely transparent process that everyone can play a part in.

What is it like working with PRWD?

What Can a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme do for my business?

What will a Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme Involve? 

Project planning & testing tool implementation

We understand what your business wants to achieve and set goals for the project with your team. All project documents are stored in a central online project management system so you and your team have full access to project deliverables. We are Platinum Agency Partners with Optimizely, however if you already have a testing tool in place we are happy to work with your chosen tool.  

Performance analysis: data & analytics configuration and review

We work with so many businesses who make key businesses decisions based on data from Google Analytics, however many businesses are making these on inaccurate data due to Google Analytics not being set up correctly, goals not recording or discrepancies between data sources. We review your Google Analytics set up to ensure the data you are getting is reliable.

Business & existing customer data understanding

Understanding where the pressure points are on your site. Segmenting your data we build a picture of the user journey and where the potential issues holding back conversion are in your website.  We harness all your internal insights and customer understanding to feed into our follow-up user research and expert evaluation activities, ensuring we are getting a 360 degree view of your business and optimisation opportunities.

Conducting user research and reviewing insights 

We use a range of research methods depending on the situation, in particular moderated user lab testing, prototype user testing and remote user testing. We also use our years of experience in understanding user behaviour to identify the most significant areas of opportunity for improving conversion. We create user profiles and recruit users based on your core customers, then using scenarios we have developed with you, we review the tests to produce the key insights from the research. 

Test prioritisation, hypothesis & solution development

Using the research and insights, we create a set of hypothesis with rational as to why the test is crucial to help you improve your onsite conversion. We create solutions based on years of usability expertise, best practice knowledge and 100’s of previous tests to produce wireframes, prototypes and visual designs of the suggestions to improve the experience. 

On-going testing & optimisation

We create a test plan allowing each test enough time to get results which are statistically sound and will not conflict with other tests. When the results are in there is the option to maintain the winning version to 100% of your visitors so that you can reap the benefits of any uplift while your in-house development team build the new solution. Throughout this ongoing phase we deliver in-house workshops and presentations to help you instil the data driven testing culture within your organisation and show the results achieved. We also provide a monthly dashboard of results and key learnings to share internally.

International Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme

We are working with major multi-national brands who have a digital presence across the world. We can run our conversion optimisation programme across multiple countries and run user research with native users. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Responsive, Mobile and Tablet Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme 

Some of our optimisation programmes are focussed on cross device optimisation. We have extensive experience of working with responsive, mobile and tablet websites and can apply our programme to these depending on your business.

If you are moving to a responsive design then our multi-device user centred design services will be an ideal fit for this. Brands like Schuh, AllSaints and The North Face have all worked with us for large responsive redesign projects.

Who’s a Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme for?


Paul worked with us to help us identify and prioritise usability issues with the customer journey on a new multichannel project. This was made more complicated as we were working from flat designs but even from our first conversations, we could see that Paul was going to be able to deliver invaluable advice on not only where we needed to make changes but where best practice was already in place.

The findings in the report have enabled us to make more informed decisions on where we thought changes were required and help raise the profile of these at an executive level.

Testimonial Michael Wood - Head of Web, Monsoon Accessorize

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