• Customer Psychology

6th Aug 2019

2 min

Roger has decades of experience from working with Fortune 1000 companies and was a VP of Digital Marketing. Roger started off in direct marketing roles where he developed a deeper understanding of the sector from combining strategy and messaging tactics, coupled with behavioral understanding which then became the foundation of his entrepreneurial conquest.

Roger has published two books Friction and Brainfluence as well as having a regular column and is an international keynote speaker. As founder of popular blog Neuromarketing, Roger dedicates his time to developing articles exploring consumer neuroscience from a practical business perspective.

User and customer experience needs to be redefined and often when businesses do not invest in UX it becomes a losing battle.

Brands often flourish when they understand the intricacies of customer experience when it is ingrained into the DNA of a company. PRWD and Roger Dooley collaborated to have greater understanding of customer centricity but the question we were pursuing was to consider why is it only some companies focus on customer-centricity and others do not?

5 key areas discussed in the podcast

  1. How do brands communicate their brand values effectively to communicate tangible business outcomes?
  2. Why is it crucial for brands to understand their customers behaviour to facilitate being ‘customer centric’?
  3. What timeless messages can brands advocate to pursue ‘friction‘ elimination?
  4. Do businesses need to learn to ‘let go’ to understand what is important and what is crucial to customers right now such as brand values to be customer centric?
  5. How do businesses tap into customers subconscious’ to build customer loyalty and drive meaningful content?

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