What is User Research?

“Moderated user research is a process that uses observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies to gather in-depth insight into user needs, behaviours, and motivations.”

What do you achieve?

User research provides you with first-hand insights into user behaviour, which we use to inform specific recommendations for UX improvement. It also gives you a deeper and richer understanding of your current and potential customers, which can help drive change in all areas of your business, from digital strategy to entire business approach.

We conduct the majority of our user research at our own offices in the centre of Manchester (picture) which have been specifically designed to provide a relaxing and productive environment for both the participant and the client.

How does user research work?

Moderated user research consists of 1-1 sessions with members of your target audience and one of our expert moderators. This will take place in the setting seen in the picture on the left. The majority of our research days take place at our new and specifically designed office, where you will able to watch the sessions from an observation room.

Research participants will be asked to perform tasks on specific devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) and discuss their experience with the moderator. Individual sessions can be conducted with eye-tracking technology, to provide an additional layer of quantitative data; our team will also facilitate workshops in between sessions, to ensure insights are collated and discussed.

The results

At the end of each project, you will receive an in-depth report detailing key insights from the sessions and our recommendations for improvement. We’ll also provide you with the full videos of the research and a showreel of highlights, which are really effective tools to get stakeholder buy-in for your digital optimisation and growth plans.

What our customers say

Jim Butler
Global Wed Sales Manager, Games Workshop

“Twenty minutes into the first of two days’ worth of workshops I knew we’d made the right decision. Not just that the user testing itself was worthwhile, but that PRWD were very well equipped to get the most out of the sessions. They helped us create the scenarios and did a great job in summarising the key opportunities, but what impressed me the most was how well they facilitated the workshops.”


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