What is it?

Data analysis is a process of inspecting and leveraging data from a variety of sources, with the goal of discovering relevant insights and opportunities that can improve a business’s online experience and its performance.


What do you achieve with this service?

Our data package is comprehensive and tailored to meet your requirements. If you’re looking to enhance your current analytics tool, we can help configure it in a manner that provides the insight you require to achieve key business goals. If you’re looking for a specialist to uncover customer behaviour patterns, revenue opportunities and to maximise your acquisition investment, we can help.

How does it work?

Every data package starts with a health check. This is where we ensure that the analytics tools you’re using are configured to visualise the key insights and opportunities. If additional configuration is required (e.g. event tracking, funnels, ecommerce) we can provide that for you.

Once the fundamentals are in place, we will set up Daily Insight Dashboards that provide visibility on your key performance metrics. We will then focus on continually drawing out insights that will unveil customer behaviour patterns and provide tangible actions that measure up against your key business objectives.

How else can our data package help your business?

You can use your data to create digital personas. This is a process wherein you identify the most valuable user groups and their behaviour, match it up to particular product and strategically plan an acquisition strategy to maximise the chances of conversion. Data personas are designed to connect and improve the performance of your paid-traffic and on-site conversions.

We can also provide a multi-channel attribution modelling service, that attributes points-of-sale to specific marketing channels, helping you identify and better utilise your best-performing marketing strategies.

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