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30th Jan 2019

2 min

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In this final blog Rick Birtles shares how to increase conversion, once your audience is engaged on your site:

Bringing Home The Sale!

Cart page

Arriving at the shopping cart is a first key step. Your cart page must be streamlined to limit distractions and keep the visitor focused on the goal: Finalise the Transaction.


Practical case: Suggest complementary products on the cart page

Certain e-retailers like to suggest related products on the cart page. This can have varying effects:


  • Hypothesis 1 (“The Optimists View”): The visitor adds the related product directly to their cart, without taking any time to go explore that product’s page. The order value has increased without slowing down the purchase.


  • Hypothesis 2 (“The Risk Taker”): Intrigued by the suggested product, the customer is tempted to go compare with other similar products. If they remain on your site adding the product (or a similar one) to the cart, you’ve taken a risk and it was worth it.


  • Hypothesis 3 (“Should Have Seen It Coming!”): Your user goes elsewhere, finds a cheaper deal, and your whole order is lost. You must evaluate the impact of these recommended products on your conversion rate and on average cart value.


You can do this by measuring:


  • Impressions: Detects which related products work best together


  • Clicks to the product page: Verifies if visitors are interested in these recommendations


  • Clicks on “add to cart”: Measures the effectiveness of the recommendation


Rick Birtles is Senior Data Analyst at UX & CRO Experts PRWD Ltd – Recognised Google Digital Garage Trainer and Lectured at MMU