“We apply a testing model to pretty much everything we do outside of conversion optimisation. This new way of working means we have a much more engaged workforce.”

Conversion Rate Optimisation Clients

Overall, our conversion rate has increased from where it was a year ago which is a testament to the work that we’ve all put in. We’ve had a couple of really interesting tests, such as the mobile search test which increased sales by 14% which has been fantastic.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve really changed the way we’ve approached things. The most important thing is our conversion rate has improved, but we also tackle things differently too. We apply a testing model to pretty much everything we do outside of conversion optimisation.

This new way of working means we have a much more engaged workforce, who feel they can get things done much quicker.

Nathan Timmins

Managing Director at Suntransfers

Before we engaged with PRWD, we did have a testing an optimisation in place, but it wasn’t very structured or strategic in our approach to testing.

We took the opportunity whilst doing a full site redesign (moving to fully responsive) to approach PRWD for proper user research which led on to a proper optimisation programme.

The difference we’ve seen working with PRWD is a real user-focused approach: what are the customers doing on site and what are the areas we really should be looking at improving.

One of the main benefits (of working with PRWD) has been a cultural one. We’ve been able to bring into the team some of the methodologies that PRWD employ, specifically around the the importance of solid hypothesis creation. The wider business has now adopted the structure of having absolute clarity of what we’re going to test, why and how we’re going to measure it.

I certainly recommend that any brand who’s not currently investing in conversion rate optimisation or an optimisation programme to do so, so they can improve the customer experience. Which is ultimately, what it’s all about.

Matt Henton

Head of Ecommerce at Moss Bros.

The work we did with PRWD really helped lift key KPIs within King & McGaw’s e-commerce business, especially the shift towards framed products. More important than individual wins was the strengthening the testing culture within the team, which we continue to implement today.

Nick Boyce

Head of Ecommerce at King & McGaw

I started working with Paul and PRWD right at the start of my career. It was the most intense learning experience I’ve had, and it inspired the way that I do marketing to this day.

Paul and his team focused on dramatically growing the business through customer insight and marketing intelligence. It wasn’t about a quick set of tactics; it was about building a carefully thought-out, creative road map of changes that made big strategic impacts to the business. I would recommend PRWD and their marketing ethos to any organisation looking to take their business to the next level.

Benjamin Smith

Fmr. Head of Student Marketing at The Student Room Group


I really enjoyed working with Paul and the team on this project. Our working relationship with PRWD was agile and they adapted to our fast-moving business.

Our relationship started with CRO, yet over the 12 months we were the beneficiary of user-centred designs of key journeys, user research, advanced data work & training. Whilst the final outcome may not have been what we planned on day one, we still gained great value out of the programme over the course of 12 months.

In the end, I learnt a lot about CRO and we’ve adapted a lot of our business processes to have more of a customer focus going forward.

Gillian Louden

Insurance Marketing Manager at Carrot Insurance

“We have had a significant change in the mindset since the user research 2 years ago. We are far more customer-centric as a business now.”

User Research Clients

Twenty minutes into the first of two days’ worth of workshops I knew we’d made the right decision. Not just that the user testing itself was worthwhile, but that (PRWD) were very well equipped to get the most out of the sessions.

They helped us create the scenarios and did a great job in summarising the key opportunities, but what impressed me the most was how well they facilitated the workshops.

We learned a huge amount from the user research 2 years ago, in particular it helped us move to a testing mindset. As a result, the web store is much more customer-centric now.

Jim Butler

Global Web Sales Manager at Games Workshop


I started working with Paul and PRWD team in January 2018.  We wanted to know what our customers thought of our online shopping experience and where optimisations could be made.

The insights and reporting we got from PRWD was fantastically put together and the results have been so valuable to our business.  So much so, we are continuing to work them on the next phase of the project to implement the changes and to improve the buyer journey.

Michelle Brogan

Head of Digital Marketing at Allianz Care


Working with PRWD over the last 4 years, we have driven significant step changes in our understanding of consumer motivations, intent and behaviour through a programme of in depth user research.

Through this long term strategic engagement, the breadth and depth of research has evolved beyond delivering tactical insight and immediate optimisation opportunities (although these still remain important in delivering our ongoing performance improvements) to much more sophisticated user based studies into the influence of brand perception to consumer behaviour online or into the role of mobile for a multi-channel consumer across the full customer journey.

In an evolving retail landscape, the insights derived from PRWD’s user research programme have helped us understand the multi-channel consumer’s changing needs and expectations across a broad customer experience. Leveraging this insight has allowed us to drive business performance and align our offerings across digital and physical retail with the needs of our consumers, driving change in our service, product and brand propositions.

Steve Webster

Fmr. Head of Ecommerce at Steinhoff

“Your guys knocked it out of the park, Paul.

We were speechless at the end of the presentation; there was so much to take in nobody could think of any questions. Great job. Thanks.”

“We went in for a web design but we came out with more than that. We got ideas on how to improve our business and our communication.”

User-Centred Design Clients


We had a couple of issues: one was internal resourcing and two: we needed external help to give us a entirely different approach.

It’s allowed the business to truly focus on our customers & it’s allowed the impact of the website to provide a higher profile of the business.

PRWD have been like an extension of the team. They’ve been very open right from the start and direct with their communications. They’ve pushed back on things they thought were really important for the new web design.

Finally, we went in for a web design but we came out with more than that. We got ideas on how to improve our business and our communication with our franchisees: how we could leverage them to get them to peform better for us.

PRWD’s services (research, UCD and CRO) are essential in this day and age. There’s so much to learn about your customer and it’s not something your average digital team can do.

When you’re investing in a team like PRWD – who are so professional with their presentations to the business – people listen and focus, moreso than if it was an internal project.

If asked whether to work with PRWD, I’d 100% recommend doing so.

Geoff Andrews

Digital Acquisition Manager for Europe and Africa at Kumon

We put the site live and conversion went up. However, in all honesty, I would not put this down to responsive. Yes, we were now providing an experience for users on mobile but we could have given them a mobile site and had the same result. We saw a conversion uplift on desktop; I’d put it down to one thing: we provided them with a better experience. We actually thought about what was a good experience, designed and built as a unified whole.

What it does give us is an excellent single platform to take higher and higher. This will be one of the major wins when we finish the Schuh rebuild: a fantastic platform to support future growth.

Stuart McMillan

Deputy Head of Ecommerce at Schuh

“In all honesty, the maturity audit was a wake-up call.”

Full Conversion Optimisation Maturity Audit Clients

The maturity audit we did with PRWD was incredibly insightful and valuable for building a more user-centric product development team and we have since used the learnings to spearhead improvements within the team and throughout the organisation.

Deborah Clarke

Deputy Head of UX at Cartrawler

In all honesty, the maturity audit was a wake-up call. Since the audit we have re-organised the Ecommerce team to better support optimisation, and while we still have a way to go, I think we’re already seeing a more mature CRO effort.

Stuart McMillan

Deputy Head of Ecommerce at Schuh

“Paul decided to take a different approach; he spoke about mindset…my key learning from his talk: BE THE CHANGE.”

Presentations and Training Feedback

I met Paul at Digital Elite Camp 2016 where he gave a very inspiring talk. Rather than talking about CRO tactics and tips, what most speakers covered, Paul decided to take a different approach; he spoke about mindset, and how important this aspact in our line of work is. He inspired me, and many with me, to keep on developing myself and, which was my key learning from his talk, BE THE CHANGE. Thanks Paul.

Jonathan Flores

Growth Hacker at Rockboost

I heard Paul speak at Digital Elite Camp 2016. It was effortless, inspiring and thoughtful. The talk touched something more than the subject that stuck with me, being humble and as a person trying to “be the change”. To excel in those areas creates a better world. If you need a speaker, I can surely recommend Paul!

Kristoffer Söderlund

VD/CEO på Media & Marknad

I have been working as Director of Optimisation at The Student Room since 2013. I took on this role after 2 very successful years working with, and learning from, the team at PRWD and particular Paul Rouke after we engaged them to help us improve conversion rates at The Student Room in 2011. Although we had always been a data led decision making company it was only since working with Paul and team that we really saw a way to consolidate, interpret and learn from this data via testing and experimentation. But I would say the real transformational change was not really at The Student Room, it was in me.

In 2015, I decided that I wanted to take all that I had learned from PRWD and the CRO scene and start teaching it to others. So I went down to 4 days a week at The Student Room and set up as a freelance consultant 1 day a week.

Working with PRWD was much more than a methodology or even a cultural change – it changed the course of my career, and inspired me to challenge the way I did things across my working life.”

Pete Taylor

Director of Optimisation at The Student Room Group

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