18-month CRO programme

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

King & McGaw

During a 12-month optimisation programme, we helped online art specialists King & McGaw build a structured test & learn culture and methodology within their business.

Through a collaborative approach, we ran a series of tests from small tweaks aimed at improving overall UX, to strategic tests centred around a key business objective. The aim was to increase the number of frames purchased online, which represent King & McGaw’s biggest profit area.


What did we learn?

The learning phase gave us a strong foundation of insights on which to develop our ongoing optimisation strategy.

Initially, we were keen to gather an understanding of the key considerations, motivations, and concerns that customers exhibit when looking to purchase art online. Conducting a round of moderated user research in London gave us the opportunity to do this while observing user behaviour on the website, identifying usability issues and opportunities for optimisation. We also conducted our heuristic evaluation and an analysis of Google Analytics data to ensure test hypothesis were based on multiple data sources.


Checkout test

Our heuristic evaluation highlighted opportunity for improvement on the one-page checkout, which lacked flow due to the absence of clear stages. Google Analytics data also indicated that the page had a significant drop-off, a concern for such an important step of the purchasing process.


With simple design and styling changes aimed at improving clarity and flow, and an optimised order summary, we saw a 10% uplift in checkout completion rate.

Product page test

The learning phase highlighted that the right-hand side of the product page, where users select their product size and framing options, was not intuitive and lacked clear flow. We also identified opportunity to better promote the add-a-frame option (a key objective for King & McGaw) within this area of the page.

Through a series of collaborative sketching sessions, workshops and remote user research, we crafted a solution that promotes the size and frame options, as well as adding clarity and flow to the process.

Not only did this test result in a significant uplift in interaction with both the size (+43%) and frame (+90%) controls, we also saw a 19% uplift in framed products added to cart.

By running a series of tests around the topic of framing, we gained a strong understanding of user behaviour in this area, giving us the necessary knowledge, insight, and data to run a site-wide strategic test.

The hypothesis for this test was to test all art being sold with a frame by default (giving users the option to remove it) as opposed to relying on users to add a frame. This resulted in a 35% uplift in framed products sold as well as a 12% uplift in average order value, which allowed King & McGaw’s focus to move towards framed products.

Nick Boyce
Head of Ecommerce

“The work we did with PRWD really helped lift key KPIs within King & McGaw’s e-commerce business, especially the shift towards framed products. More important than individual wins was the strengthening the testing culture within the team, which we continue to implement today.”