STATUS: Three-month bespoke project

  • User Research

Games Workshop

As part of their plan to improve the customer experience and replicate their excellent in-store experience online, Games Workshop worked with us on an in-depth, 3-month behavioural research project.


The set-up

What do customers want to see on a website? What makes them tick? Can they find what they are looking for? These were just a few of the questions Games Workshop wanted to find an answer to when they appointed us to conduct a round of moderated user research.

Recruiting the right participants is crucial for the success of a user research project, so we kicked off our collaboration by conducting an exploratory workshop at Games Workshop’s HQ and gathering intel about the business and its existing customers. We used insights from their marketing, sales, and customer service teams to select 10 candidates, whom we interviewed over the course of two days at Media City in Manchester.




Online and offline prepping

Before conducting the research sessions, our strategists reviewed the data shared by Games Workshop to familiarise themselves with their brand and products; they even went to one of GW’s stores “undercover” to learn more about the customer service experience – and ended up being taught how to build and paint miniatures in the process! After this exploratory phase, we had a clear understanding of which scenarios to guide the research participants through, and the questions that would extract the maximum value from the project.

The outcome

The ten user research sessions uncovered a wealth of opportunities for Games Worskhop moving forward. In addition to feeding into new UX designs of core areas of the website, the behavioural insights gathered on the day helped the business shape and refine its personalisation strategy to engage differently and uniquely with online users.


Jim Butler
Global Web Sales Manager

“Twenty minutes into the first of two days’ worth of workshops I knew we’d made the right decision. Not just that the user testing itself was worthwhile, but that (PRWD) were very well equipped to get the most out of the sessions. They helped us create the scenarios and did a great job in summarising the key opportunities, but what impressed me the most was how well they facilitated the workshops.”