On-going CRO programme

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Bensons for Beds

We have worked with Bensons for Beds since July 2014, when we conducted a round of moderated user research aimed at identifying usability issues and opportunities for UX improvements. Following on from this successful round of research, we kicked off an ongoing optimisation programme in March 2015.

Over two years, our programme with Bensons for Beds has increased in momentum and testing velocity, with tests being implemented across desktop and mobile to improve on-site experience and site-wide conversion rate.


CTA clarity test

Through our heuristic evaluation and Google analytics data, we identified an issue with the clarity of messaging in the checkout. The labelling of the CTAs within the checkout did not accurately describe the next steps, creating unnecessary confusion and frustration for users at an integral step of the journey.


The simple change of re-labelling key CTAs with more accurate descriptions of the next step successfully improved clarity, increasing transactions by 10%.

Improved brand perception

One of the insights gathered from research and test results centred around visitor perception of the Bensons for Beds brand. The sale-focused messaging and use of red throughout the website had some negative connotations, which in turn had a negative impact on brand and quality perception. Through a series of ideation and sketching workshops, we aimed to shift this brand perception by improving first impressions upon landing on the website.

The homepage test focused on a simplified layout with lifestyle-led imagery. We also reduced the prominence of the sale content for more subtle, brand-led messaging.


The test resulted in a huge 44% decrease in bounce rate, resulting in more users engaging with product pages. We also gathered insight into the impact the new design had on brand perception by putting the design into remote user research:


“It’s got a nice feel this website, there’s not a lot of sales related, it’s not a hard sell… it feels approachable.”
Variation feedback

“In my mind it is a discount company, and the website does look a bit discount to me.”
Control feedback

The next 12 months

After a successful year, we will be continuing our ongoing optimisation programme with Bensons for Beds. The programme is now in its second year and is maturing with the needs of the business and ever-changing demands of the customer – supporting a drive from a transactional to an inspirational and effortless web experience.


Steve Webster
Head of Ecommerce
“The ongoing strategic relationship with PRWD is fundamental to the delivery of Steinhoff’s optimisation programme, a central tenet of our ecommerce strategy. As leaders in their field, PRWD’s support is invaluable to us in delivering insight driven improvements in our customer experience and proposition”

Kate Mitchell
Web Conversion Manager

“Working with the team at PRWD is akin to working with an extension of my own team. The PRWD team are adept at supporting the ever changing landscape of the business, while challenging myself and my team to create the best possible customer experience. The team not only deliver an effective day to day optimisation programme, but also support key developments through workshops, research and industry expertise to ensure that the work we do is grounded in best practice, insight and most importantly responds to the needs of the customer.”