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14th Sep 2016

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I was ecstatic to be offered the role of Optimisation Strategist at PRWD, an opportunity for me to grow professionally, previously being a Scrum Master in agile software development and wanting to go into a user-centered role for a long time. The team has been great, sharing their expertise, getting me involved and sharing my passion for the Great British Bake Off!

The first month has been a big learning curve, but a rewarding one at that. On my first day, I was given an onboarding guide that said new things done in the business are part of the culture and what we call “PRWD firsts” so I thought I’d talk about my first month stand-out “Sophie PRWD firsts”.

1. Going for coffee with the CEO

I was surprised and excited to find out that in my first week I had a meeting set up with Paul to go out for a coffee and get to hear from the CEO himself his thoughts on the business, something very alien to me coming from a large enterprise company. Paul told me about how the business started through his determination to make a difference and not fit into a mould created by others. It’s already clear to see that Paul is a “Golden Berry”: leading the business, talking at conferences, and driving change in the industry. He does all this while still finding time for the team, having an open-door policy, and wanting us all to grow and learn along our PRWD journey, something I greatly admire in a leader. Most proudly, I even managed to get a mention in one of his latest LinkedIn posts.


Golden Berry

2. A colourful Scottish man teaching me about Google Analytics

Within a few days, I got to experience my first training day at PRWD. There was fresh orange juice, coffee, and a mound of pastries on the table. If I’d known I probably wouldn’t have eaten breakfast, though that didn’t stop me from scoffing a couple anyway. The day was led by Craig Sullivan, an Optimisation and Google Analytics expert with some colourful language and colourful glasses. Craig gave the team a lot of advice, insights, and some great CRO stories. The sessions were interactive and well explained, so I spent a minimal amount of time with this look on my face:


giphy (3)


Our heads were so buzzing by the end of the day that we went to Pie and Ale (one of the two PRWD-approved after work drink spots) for a pint to continue the discussion. Following this session, the team came up with a plan to grow our expertise further to deliver even more value to our clients. I’d highly recommend attending a talk by Craig if you ever get the chance, you’ll leave not only wiser to the world of Conversion Optimisation but also entertained.

3. Researching, sketching and designing

After only spending a short amount of time at PRWD, it’s clear what the team’s thoughts are on the current website. One of the first projects I’ve been involved in is the PRWD website redesign.


PRWD website


It’s been approached with as much rigour and thought as other projects: going through a research phase, presenting the research and themes, creating content, running wireframe workshops, executing a content-led design, developing the site, running quality assurance tests, and lastly going live when the whole process is complete. It’s been great to see the whole team work together and pitch in ideas, without overstating opinions and keeping our client’s needs, the user, the focus. Keep an eye out for the new website in the upcoming months!

To round up, there has been a theme going through these moments, which is continual learning, or continuous business growth as coined by Paul. In another of his recent articles Paul states “conversion optimisation is ultimately about growing businesses – and doing this continuously” and this seems to be what PRWD is really all about; as the wall in the office says “we will continually strive to be the most respected and desirable optimisation agency in the UK, driven by our exceptionally talented, personable and innovative team” and my addition “who constantly learn from their experiences and make legendary improvements”.

FYI: In case you were wondering the second PRWD-approved after work drink spot is Slice, but only if it’s not raining.

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