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5th Jul 2018

3 min

Rick Birtles, PRWD and Google Digital Garage


When PRWD suggested a training session at Manchester’s Google Digital Garage to share how organisations could be better informed with their websites Google’s Analytics package, Google Digital Garage were delighted to take up the offer.

Being able to support Google Digital Garage’s mission to educate over 100,000 people in local communities is an opportunity for me to put something back.

With several years experience extracting data to provide intelligent insights especially around user behaviour, I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with local starts-ups and SME’s on August 1st at the King Street Digital Garage.

“I’ve designed the session to be progressive, ensuring everyone learns together”

Google Digital Garage was launched in November 2017 and I’m looking forward to delivering this lunchtime session starting August 1st with the opportunity to do more sessions. This session with focus around acquisition, behaviour and conversion and I’ve designed it to be progressive, ensuring everybody learns together, gradually developing their knowledge and understanding.


If you’re up for a couple of hours to understand more about Google Analytics, then I’d be delighted to welcome you on Wednesday Aug 1st at 1pm

The session is free to book and easily bookable using this Eventbrite link – simply register to grab your seat

Here’s a flavour of what I’ll be covering:

13:00 – Training Session [45-mins]

 Audience & Acquisition

  • Who are your users? Getting to the core of who your customers are. Does the demographic you’re attracting match the one you want to be acquiring
  • When are users visiting your site and where are they located?
  • Logging your users data and why its important
  • What device are they using to find and engage with you?
  • How are your users finding and engaging with you
  • Analysing where your traffic is coming from and how to leverage that for performance
  • Explaining channel psychology and what this means for your site
  • Suggested key metrics to regularly review and action. How you can analyse performance in 5 minutes


  • Why aren’t users buying/engaging with you? What’s making your users return or abandon you
  • How can we identify areas of your site that should be a priority for you
  • Analysing your sites speed and the impact on your users
  • How to identify the most important interactions users make on your site


  • How to measure what’s important to you
  • Analysing your funnel. Identifying what’s losing you sales/conversions
  • When is your site performing at it’s best and why?
  • How long does it take for your users to decide to buy from you?

13:45 – Q&A & Live Review [30-mins]

  • PLUS – The final 30mins of the session will involve Q&A and a live Google Analytics review session by Rick for anyone who would like real-time feedback on their Google analytics

14:15 – Finish

The session is free to book and easily bookable using this Eventbrite link – simply register to grab your seat – See you there!


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