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24th Jun 2015

4 min

After all the blood, sweat and tears, the first PRWD Reveal of the year took place in London.

The Chemistry Centre was the venue once again; the idea of the event being amongst compilations of data and analyses being apt in relation to the day’s agenda. The day revealed how Shop Direct became truly customer-centric, how customer insights helped Skyscanner evolve into the globally recognised brand it is today, strategic help on how to sell CRO to senior members of your business and much more.

From a day full of highlights, here are three of the most popular takeaways:

Let the customer help you be better

Aktar Somalya gave a presentation on his time at SkyScanner and how they used customer insights to evolve their product. Did you know that it is 5x – 10x CHEAPER to keep customers than it is to acquire new ones? From this principle, Aktar explained how Skyscanner went about compiling vast amounts of data over two years to better understand their core customer and how from this data, they could examine why some customers return to their service when others don’t.

Aktar’s talk showed how having the customer’s desires and expectations at the core of your site is invaluable. He gave examples of how research not only helped optimise their online experience (using the example of certain features that were popular were being underused) but their overall marketing strategy too; separating themselves from the competition by employing a ‘greater transparency of pricing’ advertising, rather than ‘cheapest flights’ slogans. This talk reinforced the importance and necessity of research and data sources for a business to realise its potential.

Tap into your customer’s subconscious


2015-06-17 11.12.33 small edit


Emma has over 500 hours of user research experience and used this to talk about customer psychology. She explained to the room how customer decision making is driven by their subconscious and how through extensive research methodologies, one can learn the psychological triggers and reflexes and filter those into the online experience.

For example, Emma discussed how scarcity can alter the customer’s perception of value. Having countdown timers to increase urgency and limited time special offers are just some of methods one can use to trigger the customer into clicking buy. Other examples were Ecommerce sites being aware of ‘choice paralysis’ and how to avoid overwhelming the customer as well as using social proof to humanise the business and create a sense of community, tapping into the need of the human being to belong. Understanding what makes the customer tick – the human behind the data – is vital to a business’s success.

Do you want your business to grow?

‘Are you tweaking or growing?’ Paul Rouke came right out of the stalls and explained how Conversion Optimisation is still undervalued and under-utilised in today’s online world. He went on to discuss how many businesses are using testing to ‘tweak’ their site; seeing CRO as a means to keep the current model ticking over. Instead, Paul explained that a thorough Conversion Optimisation programme can make a business grow and gain more market share. It was at this point that Paul unveiled our new and improved Optimisation process; seven steps we use to provide our clients a 541% ROI.



To sum up, Paul offered the simple bullet points:

  • The more visitors you convert, the more you grow
  • The more you grow, the more visitors you convert
  • The more visitors you convert, the more market share you take

A few other notes on the event

The diversity of the attendees – not only in their businesses but in the varying stages of their Optimisation programmes – made for fantastic roundtable discussions, often the most popular feature of our Reveal event.

2015-06-17 11.43.44 small edit


We also had an opportunity to showcase our growing team, which has doubled in size in the past six months. Particular praise goes to our new Optimisation Strategist Chris McCormick, who gave a revered presentation after only four weeks with us.

PRWD Reveal Online

If you would like to attend ‘one of the most valuable dates in the UK CRO calendar’, then you should register your interest for our first ever Online Reveal event, taking place on October 8th.

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