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3rd Nov 2009

2 min

We’ve recently been approved onto the NESTA funded creative credits programme as one of the creative companies providing services to businesses fortunate enough to be accepted to receive £4,000 of funding towards creative and digital projects.

With the list of companies who have been accepted in wave one announced, there is just a short time available for companies and creative companies such as ourselves to scope out projects and get them approved.

With this in mind we have listed below services that we provide businesses, such as the recent web design and development for new political think tank ResPublica.

PRWD Web Design Services for Creative Credit Winners

  • Business analysis and customer research to open up new market opportunities
  • Using the web to open up new online sales and marketing channels
  • Website design and development for content managed websites
  • Website design and development for e-commerce

We are already in discussions with a few businesses to see where we can provide our expertise and services, but if you are one of other lucky companies who are now seeking a creative company to work with then please get in touch with on 0161 918 6729 and ask for Paul Rouke.

Useful Links

Client Showcase

  • Blue Rhapsody – swimming pool design and builder
  • Swift Dental – dental laboratory
  • ResPublica – political think tank
  • Contact Packaging – packaging e-commere store
  • Contact Packaging – pallet wrap machine operation

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