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1st Jul 2009

2 min

Last night I gave a presentation to Manchester Digital’s Developing with Adobe AIR event, speaking alongside Andrew Shorten of Adobe, John Knott of InterDirect and Paul Kinlan, lead developer of FriendDeck and a couple of other very interesting projects.


PRWD Speaking Alongside Adobe at The Developing with Adobe AIR Event

Despite a last-minute change to the running order which saw me speaking first, ahead of Andrew’s introduction to the Flash and AIR platform, it all went smoothly and it was great to speak to people after the event, answering questions from people who were obviously interested in developing on AIR themselves. Even better, a quick show of hands at the end of the presentation suggested that a significant number of people were interested in further events about the AIR platform.

There was also particular interest in the possibility of Flash/AIR as a mobile platform. Whilst the iPhone is a great device, there’s still plenty of room for competition, and Andrew’s presentation contained many tantalising suggestions about future developments from Adobe, in collaboration with hardware providers, that could make the Flash/AIR platform a viable cross-platform mobile environment.

Below, you can see my slides, and I’ll post a link to the other speakers’ slides when I have them.

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