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30th May 2014

3 min

Today marks my three week anniversary working at PRWD where I have joined the team as Optimisation Strategist. I’ve joined the team after spending the last two years working at a behavioural research company based in Leeds. During my time there I was able to really get beneath the skin of the user, witnessing how conducting user research throughout a design process can ensure that the final iterations have the user at their core.

I spent my first week here working on a user experience design project for one of our major retail clients. I have a real passion for working within the retail sector so this is the perfect project for me to get stuck into. I’ve begun by conducting an expert evaluation of the website to identify the key areas of opportunity.  We’ve also used a remote user testing tool to gather insights into users brand perceptions and overall experience of the core shopping journey. I’m really excited to evolve these insights into solutions that can be used to not only improve the website’s overall usability, but to help position the brand as an innovative online retailer.

Within the weeks to come I will also be getting involved in some of our client’s optimisation programmes. Being able to see how my ideas and recommendations actually impact on client’s conversion rates is one of the things I’m looking forward to most as part of my new role at PRWD.

Away from my desk, I’ve been warmly welcomed by the guys who have done a good job of introducing me to the delights of Manchester with pies and pizza both making an appearance in my first week.  Having lived in Yorkshire my whole life, this new role also gives me the great opportunity to explore what Manchester has to offer.

I’ve joined PRWD at a really exciting time. The company’s plans for growth in the next year mean I’m unlikely to be the new girl for long and our client base is rapidly expanding to include leading brands in a variety of sectors. The next year is set to be a busy one for us at PRWD, and I’m looking forward to being part of it. 🙂

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