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22nd Feb 2018

2 min

Paul Rouke, PRWD and Google Digital Garage

I am immensely privileged to have been invited to start training for Google Digital Garage.

The vision for Google Digital Garage is to help 100,000 people develop their digital skills and grow their career aspirations in more than 200 towns and cities.

“Google Digital Garage’s ambition is

truly inspiring.”

Refining over 18-years of experience working with international brands and thousands of their customers, has allowed me to identify what are the key success factors for websites.

As a result, the course I’ll be delivering is succinctly called:

“How to make your website convert better”



Google Digital Garage was launched in November 2017 on King Street in Manchester and I’m looking forward to delivering each lunchtime session on a monthly basis.

The session is designed to be progressive, ensuring everybody learns together, gradually developing their knowledge and understanding.

Here’s a flavour of what I’ll be covering:

12:30 – Arrive, Intro & Welcome [90-mins]

  • The difference between being a product-led business to becoming a customer-led business
  • What is your biggest and long term competitive advantage
  • How your business will be impacted by improving your conversion rate
  • The 3 guiding principles of Amazon, from when they were a one-man band, that you can start applying to your business
  • The 5 website fundamentals you need to get in place for long term success
  • The 5 key steps for speaking to your visitors and customers
  • The 9 advanced techniques for engaging and converting visitors – which will differentiate your website from 99.9% websites around the world
  • PLUS – The final 30mins of the training course will be a live website review session by Paul for anyone who would like feedback on how they can improve their website.

14:00 – Q&A [30-mins]

Plus, if there’s time, on-the-fly advice for your very own website.

14:30 – Close


The 90-min delivery appeals to everyone who wishes to know how to grow their online business and help convert more visitors into customers plus we’ll have another 30-mins for Q&A and live evaluation.

It’s easy to book. Free to attend.

If you wish to reserve a place for the next session, follow us @PRWD where you’ll be one of the first to know!

See you there.

Best regards,


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