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16th Nov 2012

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On-site surveys are sometimes widely discussed, but we find that too few companies are using them to gain data and insights directly from their customers. In this post we will review three great tools that will help you get started.

Qualaroo (formerly KissInsights)


  • Fully customisable questions. Create a survey from scratch or work with survey recommendations based on your type of website.
  • Custom targeting that allows you to select who sees the surveys and nudges, for example: only returning visitors, anyone who has already visited at least X pages on your site.
  • Free to get started and reasonably priced as you move up through premium, plus and high-volume packages
  • Strong visual design that will complement high quality, professional websites. It comes with attractive light and dark themes.
  • Works with http and https pages
  • There is a handy ‘send this code to your developer‘ option when creating a survey.
  • Easy to use dashboard area.


  • Not a great platform to ask more than 2 questions
  • Is less likely to capture responses on exit compared to some other solutions


Free – $49 /month

$0 for up to 100 responses, $29 per month for up to 1000 responses and $49 for 2000 responses and no branding.


Who uses it?


Intuit, MavenLink, Internships.com, Groupon, ReTargeter, Just Answer.


Should you use it?


If you want answers to short specific questions, that can be highly customised in content and display settings, then Qualaroo is a great option.



  • Simple, but incredibly powerful set of questions.
  • Great for benchmarking task completion and user satisfaction over time.
  • Tools to analyse users’ reasons for visiting the website against task completion and satisfaction scores.
  • Find out what users love about the website, or which areas could be improved.
  • Collect comment on what users like and what could be improved.
  • Easy to add to your website.
  • Simple integration with Google Analytics.
  • Control invitation rate.
  • Works with http and https pages.
  • Advanced interface customisation on plus and premium packages.



  • Less customisation and flexibility than other on-site survey tools, although this appears to be a deliberate choice.
  • The styling of the basic version is not as attractive as other solutions.



$19 – $399 /month


The basic package starts at $19 per month (or you can use the 15 day free trial), you’ll be able to collect 250 survey responses. The Plus package allows 1000 responses and the Premium package raises that to 5000 responses.


Who uses it?





Should you use it?

If you are looking for benchmarking of key statistic like task completion rate and user satisfaction, then 4Q will be a great option for you. Also, if you are looking for positive and negative user comments that will help you to improve your website then 4Q has a helpful filtering system that will allow you to analyse comments.






  • Reasonably priced SME packages
  • Wide range of additional features for enterprise customers.
  • Google Analytics and Adwords integration (on some packages)
  • Built in response system to allow you to interact with users.
  • Wide range of features that can be customised using their form wizard
  • Shopping cart abandonment tool
  • Works with http and https pages


  • Kampyle is more customisable and therefore perhaps not as simple to use as some of the simpler tools.



$99 – $499+ /month


The bronze package starts at $99 per month (or you can use the 15 day free trial), you’ll be able to collect 200 survey responses. The Silver package allows 500 responses and the Gold package raises that to 1000 responses. Enterprise solutions are also available that can be customised with additional features.


Who uses it?


Mozilla Firefox, Orange, O2, Telstra, Clarks, Econsultancy.


Should you use it?

If you are looking for an enterprise level solution with a huge range of features then Kampyle might be the way to go.


As you can see, each tools has its uses and we would recommend all of these to different clients with different requirements. The main thing is, if you are not currently running an on-site survey tool in any capacity, we would recommend that your try one of these tools as a relatively cheap and simple way to collect user insights feed this information into the decisions. If you want to suggest any other tools or offer your feedback on any of the above, just add a comment below.

Visit their websites to get started

Qualaroo: visit website

4Q: visit website

Kampyle: visit website

3 responses to “On-site Survey Tools: Comparison & Review”

  1. Hi and thanks for the review.

    [I’m marketing manager @ iPerceptions]

    Regarding 4Q’s questions, as you suggest, the simplicity has been designed on purpose in collaboration with Avinash Kaushik, based on his best survey questions. Task completion rate broken down by purpose of visit is really the key 4Q feature.

    We have some stories from 4Q customers.

    Note we also have a free plan.

  2. Matt Lacey says:

    @Alexandre Frantz

    Hi thanks for your comment. We feel the 4 questions you’ve chosen are pretty much perfect for this type of survey.

    We’ve gained some valuable insights using 4Q with our clients and we’re adding it on to a clients site at the moment. Looking forward to getting some responses back.


  3. Emily Woods says:

    These are new names for me. I’ve been using SoGoSurvey‘s online survey software for a while now and am completely in love with it.

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