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4th Mar 2015

3 min

After making it through my first week relatively unscathed, I was asked by the nearest and dearest ‘how was your first week at your new job?’ My response was simple: as good as a first week could be!

The most important thing for me when starting a new job (and I do mean this) is the people you will be sharing 8 hours a day with. In your first week, the work environment can either set you in good stead or, it could leave a black cloud hanging over you for a long, long time. Fortunately, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen at PRWD. The small-knit team welcomed this new guy with open arms and patience; I even got a sip of bubbly (bought to recognise the fruits of the team’s labour in 2014)!

2014 was the year of my graduation and with it came the usual struggle of entering the job market fresh-faced and a little ill-prepared. My mouth was full of buzzwords to bedazzle and impress and my mind was being filled full of reality-checks, but all the bumpy roads lead to an opportunity with PRWD, and boy was I happy to get one.

On first glance, the company was one I had always imagined working for: intimate and personable with a great office location. When I was offered the position, I couldn’t believe my luck; it wasn’t like a bank offer for a new customer which you snap up eagerly, only to be left disappointed. The reality was just as I had perceived it on my first impression, except I was caught slightly off-guard when asked to put together my own chair, which is surprisingly still in one piece!

After hearing of my peers’ experience in larger companies upon graduating (how they’ve been lost in the pack without any dedicated mentoring), my experience so far has been the opposite. I’ve been included in many processes and had my degree tested with plenty of proof-reading, reviewing marketing collateral and research. I’ve also been charged with making sure the new office furniture is lined up symmetrically to practice good Feng Shui; only time will tell whether it is a difference maker.

Wrongly or rightly (hopefully the latter), as well as marketing, I’ve also been put in charge of  looking at ways to improve our office processes and environment. I’m going to ensure we have the happiest, healthiest team ready to take on anything. Now I have settled in a little more, I will be looking to introduce weekly office Yoga sessions and more karaoke into everyone’s lives (because more karaoke is always a good idea).

Starting at the beginning of the year means plenty of new projects and opportunities to get stuck into. I can’t wait to contribute directly to them. It’s time to make 2015 the best year yet for PRWD.