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18th Jan 2013

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The Manchester Central homepage, designed following in-depth consumer research by PRWD

In early 2012 Manchester Central came to us with ambitious visions for developing a new best in class website which would become central to their worldwide marketing strategy. It was an extremely exciting project to be a part of and it became one of our favourite projects of 2012. At the time of writing there are still very few businesses who truly embrace the concept of adopting a user-centered design approach when embarking on a redesign.

PRWD were brought in to deliver the first crucial phase of business and customer analysis and establish the foundation of the user-centered design process. This included evaluating the online user experience of other leading venues from across the world and spending considerable time with event organisers and planners.

Engagement, Personality and Persuasion

A key question that we aimed to answer was “how can we captivate, engage and persuade new visitors arriving at the website to make contact with us?”.

Manchester Central website screenshot

The primary deliverables from this initial phase of business analysis and consumer understanding were an in-depth website redesign blueprint and critical buyer personas. Following this we worked closely with Manchester Central to appoint the most appropriate design and build agency who would best  follow through on the user-centered process that we had initiated.

The appointed agency were the exceptional team over at CTI Digital for final creative and build. Underpinned by fantastic support from the team at Manchester Central, the new website is now live and we’re really proud – to put it mildly. The website is packed with persuasion and built specifically with key users needs in mind.

On go live, Angie Robinson, Chief Executive at Manchester Central, had this to say:

“We believe we now have one of the best websites in the conference and events industry. Our approach to redeveloping the website has been entirely client-led and this is the way we will continue to work going forward. Our mission to deliver a five-star service in all that we do should transcend all our offline and online activities. We’re incredibly proud of our new website and we’re determined to lead the way with new innovations and developments.”

Louise Jones, Head of marketing & communications at Manchester Central added:

“This has been an incredibly interesting and exciting journey for us. The detailed research, testing and subsequent planning that we undertook has allowed us to develop the first phase of what we believe is a truly groundbreaking website for the industry. We’re committed to delivering an online experience that will absolutely deliver what our audiences need and working with the team at PRWD allows us to do just that.”

Manchester Central website screenshot

Manchester Central website screenshot

Manchester Central website screenshot

Case study

This project deserves far more explanation than what we have provided here and if and when we get time (our Q1 and Q2 of 2013 are looking exceptionally busy so you could be waiting a while) we do plan on developing an in-depth case study. But for now, please do provide a comment on what you think about the website and general user experience it provides.

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