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8th Jul 2016

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PRWD, the conversion optimisation agency who grow revenues for brands including Wilko, Bensons, Schuh, Lakeland, Moss Bros, Attraction World and Games Workshop, have made a series of strategic managerial changes to continue their drive towards cementing their position as the industry’s most respected and desirable conversion optimisation agency in the UK.


Managerial changes take effect at PRWD


Founder Paul Rouke, who started PRWD over 11 years ago, has moved to CEO, moving away from running the day-to-day operations of the business. Katie Kelly, who first came in to the business in 2008 to develop their “thought leader” driven marketing strategy, has moved from Marketing Manager in to the newly created position of Operations Director, and is responsible for running the agency and driving efficiency and value throughout every area.

Dante Naylor, previously Marketing Executive, has been promoted to Marketing Manager, and has taken over strategic responsibility from Katie for the delivery of the long term marketing strategy.

Clare Rouke has filled the increasingly demanding HR and Accounts functions of the agency in her role as HR and Accounts Manager.

In PRWD’s biggest area of business, their delivery team, Chris McCormick has been promoted to Head of Optimisation, and is responsible for the leadership, development and value being delivered to clients by his growing multi-disciplinary team. Alongside this Chris will be increasing his public speaking engagements as PRWD continue with their strategy of being the most open and visible conversion optimisation agency in the world.

Author and international keynote speaker Rouke (who is delivering the opening keynote at the global industries most prestigious conference Elite Camp 2016) said “These changes represent for me personally the most significant and life changing decisions I have made since starting PRWD in my bedroom almost 12 years. The reality is that at heart I am a practitioner. Running the day to day operations of a high growth business had over this last 18 months been taking me too far away from where personally I offer and add the most value to our clients and to our slowly maturing industry.”

Rouke continued “Katie was always going to have a legacy within PRWD from when she presented her newly developed (and PRWD’s first ever) marketing strategy back in summer 2008. With her move to Operations Director she now has even greater responsibility to deliver our vision, which I know she will.”

“In the 12 months that Dante has been in the business he has proven to be an exceptionally talented and driven individual, and I’m extremely excited at him now having the opportunity to enhance and drive our long term marketing strategy, and at same time develop his personal brand.”

“To have Clare managing both our HR and Accounts areas provides me and the rest of the team with invaluable support whilst ensuring the smooth running of the company’s finances. The positive influence on the business and me personally that Clare has always provided is now enhanced and visible which is something I am very proud of.”

Finally Rouke had this to say about Chris moving in to the Head of Optimisation role “Chris has one of the most unique and invaluable careers to date which make him suited to leading our continually growing delivery team. His combination of 2 years’ experience as Customer Experience Manager at Shop Direct, alongside his first 12 months at PRWD leading optimisation programmes from some of our most prestigious clients, makes his appointment, like our other three, so exciting.”

Kelly comments “I’m delighted about the recent moves within the business as it marks a real strategic shift in the agency, not to mention I get to work with such a talented and driven team. I’ve been with the company since there were only two employees so playing a part in our continued grow is extremely rewarding.”

Naylor comments “In the past 12 months I have had the pleasure of being part of PRWD’s continued growth into the leading conversion optimisation agency in the UK. With the exceptional talent that PRWD has accrued and their pioneering vision for the conversion optimisation industry, I’m extremely excited at the opportunity to help drive the continued evolution of our brand.”

Clare Rouke comments “Taking over responsibility for what are two typically un-seen but important areas of the business is allowing Paul to focus on the areas in which he can add the most value to our clients and to the business. Alongside ensuring the smooth running of our company’s finances, for me helping to find new exceptional talent to join our growing team is particular rewarding.”

McCormick comments “This is a brilliant opportunity for me, I can’t wait to get immersed in this role and help shape the future of PRWD. I’m very lucky to inherit such a talented multi-disciplined optimisation team and I’m really excited for what the future holds. The business has come such a long way within the last 12 months and I fully expect when I look back a year from now, based on the plans afoot, we will have cemented ourselves as the leading Optimisation agency in the UK.”

PRWD currently have two roles on their careers page as they continue their high growth, looking for an exceptional Web Analyst and Web Developer.

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