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23rd Sep 2015

2 min

Want to know how Shop Direct Group (featuring brands such as very.co.uk & Littlewoods) is so successful?

On October 8th, at our PRWD Reveal Online, Optimisation Strategist Chris McCormick will be discussing the lessons he learnt about conversion optimisation whilst working in an award-winning team at one of the UK’s most progressive and innovative retailers.

Shop Direct is the UK’s largest online retailer, with annual sales of over £1.7 billion. These remarkable figures wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their customer-centric business culture that is at the core of their conversion optimisation – but it wasn’t always like this. Prior to 2012, Shop Direct was primarily opinion led by those in the business, an old-fashioned marketing method that mostly ignored the customer, meaning their conversion optimisation programme wasn’t as cost-effective as it should be.

At PRWD Reveal Online, you will learn from first-hand experience how Shop Direct transformed their business culture and how their dedication to being truly customer is the cornerstone of their success.

Chris will also discuss Shop Direct’s past mistakes (so you can avoid them) and their learnings from them, such as how even the smallest changes can have a big impact on your site, how to properly evaluate a test’s success and how you should do your next website redesign, along with much more.

How to attend PRWD Reveal Online

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