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14th Jun 2017

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Building on from the hugely successful user-centred redesign that delivered a 25% increase in desktop conversion rate and 36% increase on mobile, Moss Bros. are now continuing to work long-term with leading conversion optimisation agency PRWD to develop an in-depth customer experience strategy.

The website redesign was phase one of the retailer’s plan to offer a more intuitive, omnichannel customer experience, with a continued focus on customer research and now the evolution of a strategic test-and-learn culture.

PRWD, who already work with several of the UK’s leading multi-channel retailers such as Wilko, Bensons for Beds and Harveys, will help Moss Bros. develop an intelligent optimisation strategy. This will include tests focused on improving and refining the user experience, as well as more strategic changes centred around a deep understanding of the Moss Bros. customer needs. The focus for 2017 will also be on mobile, given the ri

customer researchse in traffic throughout 2016.

Since the programme kicked-off, PRWD has already redesigned the retailer’s suit pack offer journey which has resulted in fewer calls to the Moss Bros. call centre.

Matt Henton, Head of Ecommerce for Moss Bros. says: “We decided to work with PRWD at the very start of our redesign programme because we wanted to get as clear an understanding as possible of the motivations and requirements of our site visitors and customers. Before we committed to any decisions about how the new site would work, we wanted an unambiguous set of customer-focused criteria that would be our guiding principles throughout the project. We never wanted to lose sight of who we were redesigning the site for.

PRWD impressed us with their research-led approach and the experience of their optimisation team. They were able to take a step back from our business and provide a layer of behavioural insight that completely shaped the way we approached the project.

The improvements to conversion rate we have seen since we launched the new website have been fantastic; better than we could have hoped for. Aside from the clear commercial benefits, the improvements to site performance reflect a better overall user experience, especially for visitors on mobile devices.”

Paul Rouke, Founder and CEO of PRWD, says: “In all my years of experience working with major retailers, Moss Bros. are leading the pack in two crucial areas that underpin long-term, sustainable growth. Firstly, they have chosen to learn about their customers’ behaviour, motivations and expectations. Secondly, they have now started to build on these foundations and develop a strategic and intelligent conversion optimisation strategy based on these learnings.

My team and I look forward to working with Moss Bros. to continue building on from the foundations now in place.”

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