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Conversion Thursday Manchester

21st February, 2011

Thursday 24th April marks the 1st Conversion Thursday event to be run in Manchester, and I am delighted to be the first person providing a presentation. My talk is titled “Increasing basket to checkout conversions: the ASOS way“.

What is Conversion Thursday?

Conversion Thursday Manchester is an inspiring and exciting bi-monthly networking event that centres around online conversion and web optimisation. Conversion Thursday is already held in six cities across Europe, having begun in Barcelona. We hold the events at comfortable and relaxing venues that provide the perfect setting for debate and discussion of the important issues in online conversion and marketing.

The evening begins with a brief round-table discussion about recent events in the digital arena, then we have an interactive quiz (with prizes for the best team), before moving on to our main presentation of the evening. After the presentation, people are welcome to hang around for another drink and network with other attendees.

Who is it for?

Conversion Thursday is open to anyone interested in improving the web and increasing online business, including online marketeers, conversion and SEO/PPC experts, and web analysts. This free event is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded professionals, and build long-lasting relationships within the industry.

When and where?

On the 24th February we will be welcoming CT to the north-west of England, at the very first Conversion Thursday Manchester, sponsored by Applied Web Analytics and Elisa DBI.

The event will take place in Bar 38 in Manchester, between 5.30 and 9pm. Simply register online and you will be emailed with confirmation.

Drinks, on this occasion, are sponsored by Applied Web Analytics.

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