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16th Jun 2017

4 min

How it all Started:

The beginning of 2017 marked the halfway point in the penultimate year of my Business Management degree and also marked the point in which I started to think about life after University, more specifically, what career do I want to have? So I decided to be proactive. I learned of a career conference taking place at Manchester Town Hall in February hosted by Manchester Digital, where various organisations in the digital industry were gathered together for students, apprentices and graduates alike, to explore more about what they have to offer. I thought it would be a good idea to go along to the conference and I wasn’t wrong. Looking around the room full of representatives of companies from a variety of areas in the digital world, I was immediately drawn to PRWD’s stall, which is where I met James Pogson, our Operations Director. He spoke of the innovative conversion rate optimisation programme PRWD offer and about how PRWD has become one of the industry leaders as a result of it.

Having a passion for business strategy and digital technology meant that a potential career combining both, to help grow businesses, resonated with me significantly. Following this, I began to pester James with my CV, cover letter and follow-up emails to see if I could become an intern at PRWD and learn my trade in conversion rate optimisation… luckily for me, it paid off.

My First Week:

My first week at PRWD involved sitting down with everyone in the team and learning about what they all do in the process of conversion rate optimisation. The amount of information I was presented with was beyond expectations but thoroughly enjoyable and the team made me feel very welcome. I learnt all about how website data is analysed in Google Analytics by the strategists to allow insights and hypotheses to be created for test plans. This, combined with how Lisa and Matty from the development team use code to build tests, made for the most exciting and best possible start to my internship.

conversion rate optimisation

CRO Development and Highlights:

As I began to settle in more and more at PRWD, I was exposed to new techniques and processes behind conversion rate optimisation, such as sketching workshops with Phil the UX design lead. Whilst not my strongest attribute, I found sketching and designing to be an important stage in the optimisation process as it has a particular emphasis on user experiences and making their journey through the conversion funnel easier. Hotjar was another tool I was introduced to, which was very interesting. Using heatmaps and session recordings to track users’ movements and interactions whilst navigating websites, was something completely new to me and I quickly picked up how powerful the tool can be in finding flaws with websites. But perhaps the most eye-opening experience of my first month was observing 10 moderated user research sessions at the interactive media labs in Media City UK. We observed participant’s interactions as they used a client’s mobile website to spot flaws and develop key insights for potential test opportunities. It was fascinating to observe, from my point of view, how the average website user attempts to navigate through the site and a number of insights we gained were incomprehensible.

The Future:

I have accomplished many things during my first month with PRWD and experienced many personal highlights working here already. Not to mention free beer in our company meetings every Friday at 3pm. Now if that’s not an incentive to work for a friendly, forward-thinking team such as PRWD, I’m not sure what is.

conversion rate optimisation

I am now keen to develop the skills I have learnt during my first month in the conversion optimisation industry and I am excited to see what the remaining 3 months of my internship has in store for me.

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