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31st Oct 2011

2 min

Our latest newsletter features conversion insights from some of the worlds biggest retailers. Full details and links are below.

This month there are links 2 articles which should be of interest if you are wanting to make your site experience more persuasive to improve conversions, or if you want to know how some of the biggest retailers are removing common barriers for new customers checking out for the 1st time. – Persuasive Design Best Practice

A few weeks ago I published my latest article on Econsultancy, looking at how deliver some superb examples of persuasive design to improve their conversion rate.

I highly recommend you read some of the extensive comments and debate as these provide further insights into the art of persuasion – and perhaps sometimes what converts better might not be the most usable of designs!

ASOS, Lakeland & Speedo – Essential Checkout Techniques You Should Consider

I also wrote my latest article for Smart Insights, looking at how ASOS, Lakeland and Speedo deliver their checkout experience to resolve one of THE biggest issues make e-commerce sites have – forcing new customers to register or create an account.

Conversion Conference – London 2011

This is just quick reminder of the upcoming Conversion Conference London, where I will be jointly delivering 2 of the sessions:

    • E-commerce Best Practices
    • Rapid Fire: Live Landing Page Critiques

It’s shaping up to be a superb event, including a keynote talk from Brian Eisenburg, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author and Consultant.

Popular Usability & Conversion Optimisation Resources

By far the most popular page on our blog is this up-to-date list of usability & conversion optimisation resources.

What you’ll find here is:

  • Usability & conversion optimisation articles for lead generation
  • Usability & conversion optimisation articles for e-commerce
  • Tools that you can use to monitor & improve your website
  • Conversion rate optimisation case studies
  • Links to presentations & slides from events & conferences

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