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29th Nov 2012

3 min

A quick round-up of our speaker highlights from conversion conference.

1. Paul Postance (@deepconversion)

Paul distilled his years of experience in blue-chip brands to share coal-face lessons and tips on creating a conversion team capable of making and demonstrating massive sales improvements. A must see for anyone looking to build an optimisation programme across mobile and desktop, and a team to carry it out.

2. Natalie Nahai (@TheWebPsych)

In the final session of the first day Natalie introduced us to some gems from her fantastic new book that’s storming up the charts nationwide. Natalie moved on to discuss and show examples of how cultural differences affect users’ behaviour and expectations online with a dive into some academic theory that will be fascinating to anyone selling internationally.

3. Harry Brignull (@harrybr & @darkpatterns)

A highlight of Day two for us, Harry introduced us to the murky world of Dark Patterns. Showing us some new examples of companies that flout usability best practices in order to meet business objectives, but hugely compromising their user experience in the process. See examples of companies named and shamed here: http://wiki.darkpatterns.org/Home/

4. Rich Page (@richpage)

Rich offered some great practical advice on how to structure a conversion team. If you’re looking to develop your team his slides are definitely worth digging out.

5. Dr Karl Blanks (LinkedIn)

Karl delivered two excellent sessions brimming with practical tips full of common sense. Techniques that are not always orthodox, but are tried and tested left the audience lots to take away.

6. Stephen Pavlovich (@conversionfac)

Stephen delivered an engaging presentation covering strong persuasive techniques and how these can be scaled up to impact the full business proposition rather being limited to fiddling with small website tweaks.

7. Rob Jackson (@conversion_guru)

Short and sweet from Rob Jackson on the final day with a compelling round up of some of the most important tools and some more innovative new tools that had people scribbling in their notebooks. Hat tip too, for great moderation on day two and insightful questions asked when the audience were a bit shy.

8. Craig Sullivan (@optimiseordie)

Engaging as ever, Craig invited us into his world of optimisation, sharing his most helpful hints, tips and hacks. And on the final day, jumped in to join Rob to share a huge number of tops conversion tools to help conversion optimisers.

This list could go on and on, and unfortunately we weren’t able to be at every session, but we hope you enjoyed this post!

If you have a favourite speaker let us know who and why in the comments.