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25th Aug 2016

3 min

I have just finished my last coffee of the day (which just so happens to be my favourite blend) and grabbed my book of choice titled ‘Re-Work’, recommended to me by Paul Rouke, as I prepare to leave the office and head home where I will no doubt bore my girlfriend as I tell her all about what I have learnt today. It is the end of my first month at PRWD and what an enjoyable and eye-opening month it has been.

So, what has my first month been like?’ Well, in the words of the great Chris Kamara ‘Unbelievable Jeff’.

Not long before starting my employment at PRWD, I had a bit of a Jerry Maguire moment within my career and decided that maybe it was time for me to look at another role, or even maybe try to go at it alone. That was until I found PRWD. First off, Paul and some others in the team actually took the time to read my cover letter (many don’t), they understood my passion and why I think the way I do. This was music to my ears and from the very early stages gave me the confidence that I needed to take on my own vision, whilst having their full support.

As a Business Development Manager, you work very differently from the other employees within the agency, which can be lonely at times and that was often the case with my previous roles. However, I must say that I have been made to feel very welcome and part of the team at PRWD. Since my very first day I have been involved in some great meetings, both client side and internally, where we have discussed the many exciting projects we have underway. One of which is a PRWD website redesign, which I cannot wait to see develop!

I have been blown away by not only the knowledge within the business but the open way in which every member of the team is willing to share their knowledge with me. It’s safe to say I have learnt a lot from my colleagues in such a short space of time and this has been fundamental to my role.

I have also nearly finished (famous last words) implementing a new customer relationship management system and brilliant sales automation solution which will allow us to build better relationships with our clients and share all of our fantastic content.

In summary, I am happy, motivated and learning every day. If everyone could say the same the world would be a far happier place. United are on now and as much as I love PRWD I am afraid that they come first (just don’t tell the boss).



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