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19th May 2015

3 min

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last two years since joining a conversion optimisation agency where our number one goal is to deliver business growth. The usual marketing metrics uncover the view that marketing is generally perceived as a cost centre rather than a profit centre. So should marketers be more accountable for generating business growth? It requires a change in mind-set but the alternative means your existing metrics may be holding the business back from growth.

What’s been most revealing and perhaps concerning, is the number of marketers still new to the idea of conversion optimisation. Perhaps the common misconceptions that it’s all about improving conversion rates is at fault here; whereas in reality it’s about driving business growth through insights and testing. What would be the point in increasing conversion rates to only increase return rates resulting in a loss of profit to the business?

This lack of accountability for business growth amongst marketers hit home last month when we sponsored Marketing Week Live; the vast majority of people we spoke to didn’t understand what Conversion Optimisation was.

Seeing the business impact CRO has delivered for our clients, we’ve set out to inform and educate the wider industry about the growth opportunities right in front of them. For those already testing, we share strategies to mature their process, to get the best results and grow faster.

An Unmissable Marketing Optimisation Event

Now in its third year, PRWD Reveal is an event focused on providing strategic and practical take-aways to help you deliver real business impact through data driven marketing.  This one day mini-conference shows you how to implement a robust growth strategy which can deliver major uplifts in sales revenue and profitability, as well as changing the way you develop your brand, innovate your offering, and redesign your website.

As well as learning from brand side speakers, sharing their experiences of optimisation at Skyscanner and Sliderobes, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with 50 other senior marketers during roundtable sessions and after-event drinks. We’ll also be sharing strategies for implementing Conversion Optimisation, sharing insights about the psychology of online shopping, and tips on how to get buy-in internally for optimisation.

With last year’s attendees including senior marketers from; BBC, Monsoon, Optical Express, Superbreak, Jet2.com, Talk Talk, Bank of America and Nike, you’ll be in good company.

Want to know more about Conversion Optimisation?

PRWD Reveal is a free to attend invite-only event. If you’re interested in attending, please visit our PRWD Reveal event page for all of the details and to request a place.

PRWD Reveal is being held in central London on the 17th June and for the first time ever online October 8th 2015. If you can’t make it follow #PRWDReveal on Twitter.

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