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16th Nov 2017

2 min

“90% of A/B test results are a lie” – a bold statement from the CEO of the world’s largest specialist conversion optimisation agency.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to interview industry thought leader and The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored contributor, Andre Morys.

As well as running the highly successful conversion optimisation agency Web Arts, Andre has been lecturing about usability and conferences worldwide since 2004 and his writings have been featured in popular publications such as Adzine, Internet World, and Website Boosting.

In this in-depth, thought-provoking interview, Andre shares his extensive experiences of the conversion optimisation industry – where it has come from, where it is today, and what the future has in store.

In this post, I’ve highlighted my top 10 takeaways from our interview (apologies for the quality) and included some useful links to the tools, articles, and events we mention throughout the interview.

I hope you enjoy listening!

My top 10 takeaways:

What do you feel is the general perception of conversion optimisation?

You mention in The Growth Strategy That’s Being Ignored that”90% of test results are a lie” – can you expand on why you think this way?

How much are you seeing the HIPPO (highest paid persons opinion) effect in conversion optimisation?

What is your experience with customer- centric businesses?

Do we really need process & methodology in conversion optimisation?

How do you demonstrate the impact you’re having to your clients?

How can we educate decision-makers?

What kind of outlook do you see for the industry?

What influence will Google Optimise have on the maturity of the Industry?

What valuable links do you feel our listeners will benefit from?


Useful links: