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20th May 2014

3 min

PRWD Reveal originally started in 2013 for PRWD clients, to provide a forum for senior managers and directors to learn from one another on topics around Conversion Rate Optimisation. The event has now grown to two cities (London and Manchester) with a wider network of peers asked to attend on a personal invite basis.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should Attend PRWD Reveal 2014

  1. The event caters for businesses at any level of CRO maturity and acknowledges some of the common hurdles you may face and how to overcome these and get internal buy-in to implement a test and learn culture.
  2. Learn how you can improve the KPI’s your business cares about most, with practical tips and know-how from some of the world most respected and experienced Conversion Optimisers.
  3. Hear a visionary talk on how CRO can be a game changer for forward thinking businesses by one of the most influential CRO experts, Chris Goward CEO of WiderFunnel who is flying over from Canada to deliver this talk at PRWD Reveal.
  4. Learn tactical testing tips and the fundamental processes required, that can make or break a CRO programme with stories from the frontline from Paul Rouke, Director of Optimisation and Head of Optimisation, Matt Lacey.
  5. Just starting out in testing and optimisation? André Morys, CEO of Germany’s largest and most respected CRO agency WebArts share insights with his talk “Five Things We Wish We’d Known Before We Started Testing”. Hear how to avoid the common pitfalls when starting out.
  6. Both events are invite-only for senior client-side Ecommerce/Marketing Managers and free to attend. Attendees also have the opportunity of a 1-to-1 Conversion Optimisation clinic with one of the speakers.
  7. Network and share ideas with 100 other senior decision makers attending from some of the world’s biggest brands. We love sharing our learnings and find roundtables with peers can be a great sounding-board for our clients and attendees. New attendees to this year’s event already include; Ecommerce Director at Kipling, VP of Front-End Technology at BBC Worldwide, Head of Web at Monsoon, Senior Merchandising Manager at Nike, Digital Marketing Manager at Best Western and Marketing Director at Naked Wines.

If you haven’t yet been invited and would be interesting in attending, please visit our PRWD Reveal event page for all of the details and request a place. PRWD Reveal London is being held in central London on the 27 June and in Manchester on the 24 September 2014. If you can’t make it follow #PRWDReveal on Twitter.

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