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5th Jun 2009

1 min

I’ve just uploaded my presentation from yesterday’s enjoyable How Do conference in Liverpool, titled ‘Speeding Up In A Slowdown’. For information, you can see details of the conference and speaker line-up, including a keynote from Google.

My 35-minute presentation (shown below) focused on 3 key areas that businesses need to consider if they want to make serious improvements to their online performance, and all on working with smaller budgets than what they would have had pre-recession:

  • Understanding visitors – using gorilla user testing to actually begin understanding what visitors want and why they don’t complete their objectives
  • Measuring performance – its not good enough to just have analytics installed on your site, you need to be looking at goals, funnels and developing advanced segments to truly begin understanding visitor behaviour
  • Testing and improving – using split testing to make continual, incremental improvements to conversion rates, click-throughs from key pages and overall website performance

3 Steps To Improving Your Online Performance

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