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23rd Jul 2014

2 min

What you are going to get today

Thanks for choosing to stop by, I can guarantee it will be worth it! In 3 sentences this is what you’ll get from reading this post;

  • The hypothesis, designs, results and key learnings from 13 extremely varied A/B tests
  • For all 13 tests, a key persuasion learning that can be used as inspiration for your testing
  • One link to 6 years’ worth of CRO testing insights

13 Very Different A/B Tests

I recently presented this at the Northern User Experience meetup and it was interesting to see practitioners of User Experience surprised by some of the results we got from testing. Below are the slides and video which provide detailed analysis of 13 very different types of A/B tests (also known as split testing), covering;

  • Sitewide value/brand proposition
  • Social proof versus authority USP bar
  • Lead generation landing page
  • Radical homepage redesign
  • Paywall pop-up
  • Lead generation pop-up
  • Lead generation content request form
  • Button wording
  • Annual/monthly subscription funnel
  • Shopping basket
  • Subscription plan feature comparison table

13 Conversion Optimisation Case Studies with Amazing Results

The video

Here’s the video of the presentation I delivered featuring the full breakdown of each of the 13 A/B tests.

Useful links

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