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Don’t trust data: Framing your mind-set for data interrogation

Optimisation Executive Nick discusses why we should learn to be more sceptical and challenge what we think we know when it comes to data analysis.

New Job, New City: My first month at PRWD

Optimisation intern David Mohr, gives an insight into what interning at PRWD looks like.

Personas: “User centred b******t” or effective UX tool?

Optimisation Strategist Emma discusses how useful and effective personas are for creating truly user centred website experiences.

Spending Wiser: How to get better returns from your digital advertising

Optimisation Executive Chris shares tips on how to sustain your current marketing ROI in the face of continually increasing digital advertising costs.

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What are the Most Influential Persuasive Techniques for Retailers?

From extensive 1-1 sessions with consumers, we have outlined nine valuable techniques for persuading visitors to buy.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Resource Library

The Archive Of PRWD’s Published Content, Featuring Articles, Webinars, Presentations & Guides On Conversion Optimisation, User Research, UCD & Persuasion

Build The Best Conversion Optimisation Programme: Part One

Chris McCormick details on how to build comprehensive conversion optimisation programmes in his latest post. Part 2 coming soon.

Paul Rouke Featured in Sunday Telegraph Internet Retailing Supplement

Paul Rouke, Director & Founder of PRWD, has provided industry commentary for an Internet Retailing supplement that was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 20th February 2011.

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Learn how the use of psychology and user research effects site performance, how the concept of a website redesign is changing, as well tips to help you improve your own website performance.

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