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EcomChat Round-Up ‘Panda & the Importance of Content for SEO’

This is the round-up of expert opinion from the latest #EcomChat ‘Panda & the Importance of Content for SEO’. There is a round-up posted every Tuesday.

A/B Testing Mistakes from the UK’s top companies: Part 1

This post contains some of the horror stories of the UK’s leading companies and will serve as a guide of what-not-to-do in your optimisation programme.

EcomChat Round-up ‘The Google Buy Button’

This is the round-up of expert opinion from the latest EcomChat ‘The Google Buy Button’. There is a round-up posted every Tuesday.

Homepage Optimisation for a great first impression

Top Tips On Homepage Optimisation To Help You Make A Great First Impression, Leading To Reduced Bounce Rates And Increased Engagement.

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What are the Most Influential Persuasive Techniques for Retailers?

From extensive 1-1 sessions with consumers, we have outlined nine valuable techniques for persuading visitors to buy.

Matt Lacey, our latest Usability and Conversion Consultant

Matt Lacey has joined the PRWD consultancy team as a Usability and Conversion Consultant.

Conversion Optimisation Resource Library

The Archive Of PRWD’s Published Content, Featuring Articles, Webinars, Presentations & Guides On Conversion Optimisation, User Research, UCD & Persuasion

Paul Rouke Featured in Sunday Telegraph Internet Retailing Supplement

Paul Rouke, Director & Founder of PRWD, has provided industry commentary for an Internet Retailing supplement that was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 20th February 2011.

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Our latest posts on Econsultancy

Econsultancy is a community where the world’s digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy, source suppliers, get quick answers, compare notes and discover how to do everything better online.

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Our latest posts on Smart Insights

Smart Insights provides actionable marketing advice for professionals in over 50 countries around the world, helping them get the most from their integrated digital marketing efforts. 



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