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We’re a UK based conversion optimisation agency with some very big clients based across Europe. For over 10 years we have been working with many prestigious clients on an on-going basis and it's all down to the unique way we work. It’s all about using a collaborative and open approach so our clients can trust us and learn from us. It means you get more than just “a service” if you choose to work with us. 

Who you'll be working with

Staff Member

Paul Rouke, Founder & CEO

Paul is the Founder & CEO of PRWD.

His 17+ years of experience in the conversion optimisation industry makes him one of the leading figures in the industry. He is an author, international keynote speaker and revered trainer on the subject, whose real passion lies in championing industry, company and personal change.



Staff Member

Katie Kelly, Operations Director

Described by her peers as a “proper digital native” Katie’s background is in Marketing and Brand Management. She brings over 7 years’ experience working in a range of marketing roles; from a social media role at one of Manchester’s most acclaimed digital agencies to managing social media, PR and the customer services department for a national brand.

Katie has also worked on a number of branding and strategic communication projects for a range of household brands from Jack Daniels to Durex and Matalan to Benefit cosmetics.

After heading up PRWD’s Marketing team, she’s moved to an Operations Director role within the business, responsible for ensuring our processes are continually improved to achieve ambitious growth plans and delivery of exceptional services for clients.

Staff Member

Chris McCormick, Head of Optimisation

Having spent the last 5 years working client side for Shop Direct – the UK’s largest online retailer (their brands include Very.co.uk, littlewoods.com, K&Co and Woolworths) – Chris brings with him a wealth of experience in understanding key customer journeys and behaviours. He was part of a fast paced, data driven ‘test and learn’ culture which on average delivered 70 tests per month across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Most recently, Chris was part of a Shop Direct team that won the coveted ‘Best Customer Experience in Retail’ award and was a key player in their transformation into a pure customer-centric organisation. His passion and enthusiasm is clear and he is a strong believer in ensuring companies adopt a customer led approach before finalising any business decision.

Staff Member

Emma Travis, Senior Optimisation Strategist

Emma brings to the team a wealth of experience in user behaviour.  From eye tracking studies to cross device moderated research, Emma is skilled in a range of research techniques to get the best insights out of any project.

Emma moved into conversion optimisation early on in her career and has been driving increases in KPIs by combining her fundamental understanding of user behaviour with research, analytics and testing.

Leading optimisation programmes with brands such as Wilko, Bensons and British Cycling Emma has extensive experience from a wide range of industries, adding to her in-depth best practice knowledge.

Staff Member

Dr. Fio Dossetto, Optimisation Strategist

Before joining PRWD, Fio completed a PhD at the University of Nottingham and went on to work as a conversion and content strategist in a large Italian agency, optimising major brand websites including Prada, Smeg and Vespa.

Strategic and research-minded, Fio specialises in bringing different strands of qualitative and quantitative data together to provide each of her clients with ad hoc solutions and recommendations for growth.

She enjoys investigating user behaviour in depth, uncovering patterns and finding answers through data. She has also delivered numerous training workshops for small and large businesses on the topics of consumer psychology, persuasive copywriting and the importance of implementing solid CRO processes.

Staff Member

Sophie Carsten, Optimisation Strategist

Sophie completed her Psychology degree at the University of Nottingham in 2012, taking a special interest in decision-making, human-computer-interaction and cognitive psychology.

After university Sophie joined the IBM graduate scheme to kick-start her career in the technology industry. During her time at IBM she went on to become a scrum master, working in an agile environment, to deliver reliable changes at speed for clients such as Citi Bank and Apple. Sophie was often involved in speaking with users to understand their needs and frustrations, in order to make great improvements.

Sophie joins PRWD to pursue her passion for understanding how the user interacts with a product, testing changes and iterating to make a great solution.

Staff Member

Chris Todd, Optimisation Executive

Upon completing a Creative Studies degree at Bangor University, Chris started his digital marketing career in the travel sector where he gained two years’ experience in social media, search marketing and web analytics.

Whilst at University, Chris joined the British Reserve Army and in 2012 had the opportunity to spend a year peacekeeping in Cyprus with the United Nations.

When he returned, Chris spent two years in the sports retail industry managing Ecommerce for Chelsea FC, the Ryder Cup and the Wimbledon Championships amongst others.

Chris’ passion for digital analytics and user centred Ecommerce has brought him to PRWD, where he’s keen to collaborate with our clients to optimise their digital experiences.

Staff Member

Nicholas Sadler, Optimisation Executive

In 2013, Nick completed his Applied Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science Degree. It was at University he became fascinated  with being experimental. Following this, he completed a Postgraduate Masters in Computing where he expanded skills in web development and user research.

After completing his studies, he began working in a development role producing complex online market research. From here, Nick launched a career in conversion optimisation, starting as an executive at a large digital agency and working extensively with leading testing tool VWO.

Nick joined PRWD to advance his experience of user research. Being scientifically minded, Nick enjoys investigating analytics data and examining user behaviour to formulate robust hypotheses. Nick has special interest in how experimental design can output optimal results and learning.

Staff Member

David Mohr, Optimisation Intern

David joins PRWD from Germany as an Optimisation Intern. He is currently studying ecommerce at University where has already learnt a lot about conversion optimisation and user centered design.

He has a background in international business relations & communication and is particularly interested in learning about user behaviour and persuasive design.

Staff Member

Lisa Patel, Front End Developer

Upon graduating in Media Production, Lisa landed a position with a small creative agency as a Front End Developer intern and this is where her career began to flourish.

Highly focused, Lisa’s determination can be seen in her resume, built from working in a variety of diverse agencies. She has been integral to several large scale and smaller, more intricate digital experiences for a broad range of clients such as Lexus and the interactive ‘Is it a Cow Milk Allergy’ campaign for new mothers. Through the challenges brought up in such projects, Lisa has become adept at technical problem solving and has become an expert in coding trends and practices.

Lisa’s expertise has evolved from the creation of interactive digital pieces that are built in accordance with the latest coding trends, to understanding user psychology to help produce stronger bonds between the client and the user.

Staff Member

Phil Williams, Senior UX Designer

Phil got his degree in Graphic Design from Staffordshire University in 2005. Since then, he has worked in a variety of roles across a range disciplines across Retail, Medical and Media. These industries have helped Phil develop great technical skills in almost all areas of design, from print to digital to UX.

For the past six years, Phil worked at Bauer Media as a Digital Designer. As an integral part of the Commercial Digital Team, Phil designed digital products for major commercial clients across the Bauer Radio Network. His work on digital solutions ranged from initial wireframes, through to prototype design, then build and live stages.

Phil is a creative thinker who likes to solve problems in all aspects of design. Always focused on user experience and with a genuine passion for design, Phil’s previous experience with clients such as Phones 4U, Jet2 and VisitScotland and Barclays will be invaluable to PRWD.

Staff Member

Scott Woodcock, UX Designer

Graduating from the Cambridge School of Art in 2015, Scott started his career in the sports retailing industry, developing an ecommerce solution working with key brands such as Nike and Prostar.

Since moving back to Manchester, Scott has worked alongside 16 world leading automotive manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi. This is where he developed both print and digital skills, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and advancements in the design industry.

With a strong passion for User Experience, Scott is an innovative thinker committed to achieving excellence and conveying the desired feeling or information in its simplest form.

Staff Member

Phil Wharton, Business Development Manager

Phil is a confident Business Development Manager with a passion for digital platforms and building relationships with his clients.

He joined PRWD with over fifteen years experience in sales management and business development. His love for digital has taken him as far as the Middle East where he managed one of the region’s largest media brands.

Phil is also responsible for the sales strategy of the business and specialises in sales automation solutions.

His enthusiasm for providing a fantastic experience for his clients will be instrumental in the continued growth of PRWD.

Staff Member

Dante Naylor, Marketing Manager

Dante joined the Marketing team after completing his English Literature degree at Lancaster University. Before studying, he started his working life in the glamorous industry of modelling; travelling around the globe, representing brands such as DKNY Jeans and Jack’n’Jones.

After completing his studies, Dante wanted to be part of the process behind the camera and turned his focus to marketing. Now working as the Marketing Manager, he formulates marketing strategies and oversees their implementation to promote PRWD’s position within the industry.

Staff Member

Rachel Whelan, Marketing & Operations Executive

Passionate about connecting with people, Rachel studied Marketing at Lancaster University and completed her degree in 2014. After graduating Rachel relocated to Reading where she landed a position supporting two local businesses with their Marketing and Project Management.

Since moving back up north last year, Rachel worked for one of the UK’s leading healthcare staffing providers in their busy Marketing department.  She has now joined the team at PRWD and will be working closely with Dante collaborating on the marketing strategy and its implementation to help promote PRWD’s presence with the industry.

Staff Member

Clare Rouke, Accounts & HR Manager

Clare is responsible for the increasingly demanding accounts area of the business. Her role covers key areas of our accountancy function, including liaising with the accounts teams of our clients and suppliers throughout each month and ensuring the smooth running of our accounts.

Prior to joining PRWD in the official capacity of accounts manager, Clare had been a full time mum to her and PRWD’s Founder Paul’s two daughter’s for the previous three years.

Clare’s entrepreneurial spirit had led to her becoming a qualified beauty therapist and then running her own highly successful beauty and holistic therapy business for the four years before deciding with Paul to start a family.

How We Work / Our Approach


Be expert.

Continuously develop our skills and knowledge to stay one step ahead in our field

At PRWD, every member of the team is constantly learning and evolving.

We do so in a variety of ways, for example, we are the UK representative for the Global Conversion Alliance, a network of 15 leading agencies from around the world who are the benchmark for all things Optimisation. This serves as an arena for collaboration and knowledge sharing, from which springs ground-breaking innovation for the Conversion Optimisation industry.

Not only do we speak at conferences and events across Europe, we attend them as well. This allow us to share experiences with our peers and gather valuable takeaways that can help us in our work. We also have annual training budgets and allocated training time each month, for every member of our team, ensuring that we are at the forefront of any industry developments.

Being partnered with the latest tools and technology, we receive training and are in contact with the technologists behind the tools. This isn't just restricted to testing tools, but also advanced technology for our User Research programmes, such as eye-tracking software. This continuous process allows us to always be one step ahead in our field and provides confidence to our clients that we can deliver the most advanced services in the market.



Be genuine.

Be genuine. Build relationships based on trust and integrity

At the core of our business are our long-lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust and integrity. We've built this trust because every stage of our Six Step Optimisation Method is transparent, allowing our clients to not only see our work as it happens but to also have an open channel with us to gain a better understanding of the work we do.



Be the change.

Challenge people and processes to inspire business transformation

To enact real, quantifiable change in any meaningful capacity means to challenge what is around us. Our job is to get real results and this entails not only challenging our clients perceptions and existing processes, but challenging ourselves too. When taking on a new project, we don’t apply a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’; optimisation is a fluid process and what works on one project may not for another.



Be experimental.

Push the boundaries of what is known and discover what is unknown

In this industry, what works for one client may not work for another. We relish this diversity, as it allows us to get our creative caps on and come up with new and unique solutions. Our creative workshops interpret this way of thinking, and entertain all ideas even those that are deemed unorthodox and unconventional. We encourage this both in our team members and in our clients, because allowing yourself to be experimental can often lead to the idea that has a monumental change on a business.

We are also a technologically agnostic agency; we don’t restrict ourselves to using one tool. Our team are expert in many of the tools on the market, which allows us the freedom to use the tool that best fits the client’s needs.



Be open.

Increase the value we deliver through shared learning.

All of our work and processes are transparent because we know that we can increase the value of the service through shared learning with our clients. Some of the best ideas and results have come through shared thought and collaboration.



Be happy.

Make time to laugh together and have a healthy work life balance.

Whatever the project and wherever we are, we make sure it’s a happy environment to be in. Being personable and happy has not only brought the PRWD team closer together, it has also helped us form long-lasting relationship with our clients.

We also stress the importance of a healthy work-life balance. We love our job and everything it entails, but there is a life to be had outside of it too. Sharing time with those closest to us and taking in the world (or watching a boxset) means we can come into the office every morning refreshed and motivated to tackle the day ahead.


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