Growing conversion rate

from 0.14% to 0.25%

We were approached in late 2012 by Pete Taylor, Director of Optimisation at The Student Room Group, to discuss our optimisation programme and how we may work with their business in 2013 and beyond. We soon established an appropriate level of service to deliver our optimisation programme over an initial intensive 4 month period.

How We Work Together

From the very start of the optimisation programme, collaboration has played a major role in how we work with Pete and The Student Room team. We initially focussed attention on their main subscription based business Marked by Teachers, with the aim of not only increasing the % of visitors who choose to subscribe but also to increase the % of visitors choosing to take out an annual rather than monthly subscription.


Shared learning has played such a major part in the programme that we are now providing strategic support each month as they take responsibility for running the on-going optimisation programme. This has also allowed us to start delivering optimisation programmes for their other two businesses, Get Revising and The Student Room, the world’s largest student community.

You can read more about The Student Room’s journey into Conversion Optimisation in an interview by Econsultancy with Pete Taylor, Director of Optimisation at the Group. 


What we love about The Student Room

It has to be said The Student Room are probably our most agile, pro-active and progressive client when it comes to embracing a data driven, voice of customer enhanced culture of testing and optimisation.

Pete, Ben, Jack, Tom and the rest of the team are fantastic to work with too – it makes our workshops and collaborative sketching sessions all the more enjoyable and rewarding. They also have one of the coolest offices we have been in, including a central walkway made from the wooden slats from the old Brighton pier – oh and a bar too!

This year we were also awarded the Silver WhichTestWon awards for our proposition test which resulted in an 185.3% increase in sign-ups to the premium membership option on Get Revising. 

Which Test Won Ribbon small


Working with PRWD has really opened my eyes to the power of CRO, and what CRO really is. Not just a bunch of randomly picked tests, but user led, validated and stat driven hypotheses. The results thus far have been very positive, with our conversion rate growing from 0.14% to 0.25%.


The most valuable part of working with PRWD though is not really these sort of hard stats (although they do make it easier to justify the relationship!), it’s their insistence of shared learning. There is no black box of magic working with PRWD, each process, hypothesis and way of interpreting results and stats is fully explained (and re-explained if you don’t get it first time – their patience is great!!) - you leave the process so much more informed and empowered.


This process combined with their small team of expert consultants means you always get the best of the teams individual strengths – not just getting passed off to juniors. All of this leads to a great and very positive experience – ultimately leading to a longer period of engagement (we want to extend out to 12 months now that our initial engagement period is coming to an end).

Testimonial Pete Taylor - Director of Optimisation at The Student Room Group


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