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How CRO Helps Us Become Better Strategists

There is more to learn from an unsuccessful test than from not testing at all. We share how CRO can help make you a better strategist through testing ideas.

User Research Uncovers 3 Things That Drive Customers Mad

Conducting 100s of hours of user research shows us first-hand the real frustrations users face online. Here’s the main offenders and our tips to avoid them.

Statistics in Testing Jargon Buster: Part One

In the first part of this series we look at how to use confidence intervals & confidence limits in optimisation testing

3 Ways to Communicate Your Unique Selling Proposition

It is surprising how many retailers don’t communicate their unique selling proposition on their websites. Here’s 3 ways you can communicate your USPs to your customers

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Matt Lacey, our latest Usability and Conversion Consultant

Matt Lacey has joined the PRWD consultancy team as a Usability and Conversion Consultant. He has worked with brands including Crew Clothing, Blacks & Millets [...]

What are the Most Influential Persuasive Techniques for Retailers?

At PRWD, much of our time is spent with the consumers and prospects of our retail clients, such as AllSaints, Lakeland, Monsoon Accessorize, Molton Brown, Stella McCartney and Speedo. In particular our time is spent 1-1 with these consumers, conducting in-depth research sessions to understand their expectations, motivational factors, primary influencers to purchase and their reaction to different elements of our clients propostion during the online customer journey.

Usability & Conversion Rate Optimisation Resource Library

A collection usability and conversion optimisation articles and best practice insights [...]

7 Ways to Delight Visitors

When was the last time you genuinely delighted your visitors and new customers online? In all my years of experience working with a wide range of businesses large and small, there are three often missing ingredients to the online experience brands deliver to visitors [...]

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