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Why Understanding Customer Needs Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

How do you decide where to make website improvements? Many businesses face this challenge but neglect to factor in or understand their customers needs.

When Should You Conduct Eye Tracking Usability Tests?

Eye tracking provides quantitative data to strengthen research findings but there’s pros and cons to consider before using eye tracking usability tests.

Engaging Your Business: 4 Key People You Can’t Ignore

As part of World Usability Day 2014, we share ideas on how to increase business engagement when kicking off your optimisation activities.

The Worst Possible Analysis of an A/B Test

There are learnings to be taken from every A/B test. Here’s how to get the most out of tests that show no KPI impact or negative results.

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What are the Most Influential Persuasive Techniques for Retailers?

Our time is spent 1-1 with consumers to understand their expectations, motivational factors, primary influencers to purchase and their reaction to different elements of clients proposition.

Matt Lacey, our latest Usability and Conversion Consultant

Matt Lacey has joined the PRWD consultancy team as a Usability and Conversion Consultant. He has worked with brands including Crew Clothing, Blacks & Millets [...]

Usability & Conversion Rate Optimisation Resource Library

A collection usability and conversion optimisation articles and best practice insights [...]

Paul Rouke Featured in Sunday Telegraph Internet Retailing Supplement

Paul Rouke, head of usability at PRWD, has provided industry commentary for an Internet Retailing supplement that was published in the Sunday Telegraph on 20th February 2011.

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Econsultancy is a community where the world’s digital marketing and ecommerce professionals meet to sharpen their strategy, source suppliers, get quick answers, compare notes and discover how to do everything better online.

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